hi_im_viv (hi_im_viv) wrote in ana__230fasts,

hi girls im new here
so here are my stats :)

CW: 42 kilos
LW: 35 kilos
height: 5'2 mabye on the verge of 5'3 haha
location: sydney, australia
birthday: 11.6.1992
HW: 50 kilos *blushes... bad bad days*
ED: undiagnosed ana

i am 14 years old and i hoep to get some pics up soon :)

love viv

today has been the worlds greatest day
i fasted and i ran for about 4 hours
(i am a runner so i had crosscountry and i few races just sprints though)
all hail gatorade when you need the energy for running !!
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